Godrops.com was founded by Jason Cupp who ventured into domaining in 2007. He began his domaining adventure by flipping hand-registrations on eBay at first and then in the domain and webmaster forums. Currently, Jason has a portfolio of about 250 domains consisting mainly of catchy e-commerce brandables for popular products, travel and tourism geo-domains and a small set of LLLL.com’s.

Frustrated he couldn’t get his hands on many of the good dropping .com domains, Jason decided to use his development skills to create GoDrops.com so he could track the 2nd and 3rd drops from domain tasters. Those were his personal domain picks. He then decided to publish his daily picks on GoDrops.com, later adding a daily live chat which wound up bringing many domainers together everyday to discuss domains and follow the pending delete names as they were released.

The idea of a live chat for the domaining industry caught the interest of drop catching veteran Dan Rubin from Justdropped.com.  Justdropped.com was founded by Dan in 2002 as a place for domainers to sort through the large lists of dropping domains.  Dan and Jason struck a deal and Godrops.com was subsequently acquired by Justdropped.com.  The GoDrops members will now have an opportunity to interact with the large Justdropped.com audience on a daily basis.  Members can share their common interest in domaining and learn from some of the pros who frequent the live drop chat on a daily basis.  Stay tuned, more to come..

Dan  Rubin